SPP 2019

Saturday 26th October 2019

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SPP Italy 2019 is a one-day conference exploring the relationship between science, policy and the public in Italy. In the globalised world we live in, it has never been easier for researchers to move across borders. Science and technological innovation are seen by many as an international enterprise. However, most policy decisions are still taken by governments at the national and local level. SPP Italy will give researchers working in the UK the opportunity to engage with policymakers and science communicators from Italy and to reflect on the way science can support good policy decisions.

The discussion will focus on important policy issues from 3 areas of science and technology:

Energy and the environment
Energy and the environment<br>

renewable energy, green transport technologies, smart cities, sustainable manufacturing

Public health and biotechnologies
Public health and biotechnologies

gene editing, stem cells and regenerative medicine

Digital technologies

Digital technologies<br><br>

deep learning and artificial intelligence, pervasive computing, social and digital media

The conference will invite Italian researchers, as well as other researchers with an interest in Italian affairs, to meet with policymakers and science communicators from Italy. Young researchers (PhD and Postdoc level) will be given the chance to engage in science policy by presenting research evidence in their field of expertise.

Participants will enjoy an exciting programme of activities including:


Invited speakers will provide their perspective on key policy issues


Speakers will engage in debates on scientific research, policymaking, and the public opinion


Young researchers will present research evidence to policymakers


Participants will meet with science and technology companies and researchers


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Old Divinity School

180-seat Lecture Theatre

Central Hall for refreshments & posters

Auxiliary rooms for company stands


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